From design to assembly, the upmost care is taken for even the smallest of details. Strict specifications are followed in the pursuit of perfection and value added.
Polestar is a game changing brand with innovative new technologies and fantastic sound that has elevated it to one of the top speaker brands worldwide.
The Polestar philosophy is to take the upmost care in the even the smallest details from design to the factory floor.


Polestar was established in 2002 in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

As a child, Polestar founder Jared Hsieh was already an audiophile. He would save up the weekly allowance he received from his parents so he could purchase LPs. “How am I to unite my fellow audiophiles with the equipment that they so desire?” Armed with this question and a background in electronics, Jared established the Polestar speaker brand in 2002. In 2007 the Vanguard V-F1 dual 6.5” floor standing speakers won most advocated speaker in American Hifi media.

Vanguard Series

Vanguard V-F1

The Stereo Times 2007 Most Wanted Components Award Loudspeaker

As the late, great Sam Cooke song suggested, “It’s been a long time coming, but a change’s gonna come.” American high-end audio’s motto of “price depicts performance”, has finally received a strong voice of opposition which has resulted in a domino-effect. This raised their respectability despite their affordability thus, allowing other non-U.S. manufacturers to follow suit, namely, the Polestar loudspeaker.

Making products like the Polestar F1, with their real-wood veneer and custom built drivers. The floor-standing Polestar’s sonic ease and superb low-end definition (if a hair too plump) that surprises everyone who listens to it. In fact, I think it could redefine the price-performance criterion for competing floor-standing loudspeakers under a grand—if they have any.
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