• Handicraft

    Polestar relies on human labor for the process of producing real wood veneer, with the assistance of the best technology available. In order to produce fine quality products, the entire process is done step by step carefully without mistakes. The products Polestar creates are produced according to logical procedures because we wish to ensure that each speaker we manufacture lives up to our expectation of perfection.

    The wood veneer painting is a complicated process involving several processes. No defects are allowed and color consistency is a priority. Painting a loudspeaker is not an easy task.

  • Timber

    Variety of timber in warehouse

  • Driver

    1. We adopt symmetry magnetic structure technology to reduce the distortion.

    2. With Unique MDTTM(Metal Diaphragm Technology):
    ● Stable, high definition metal-alloy cone.
    ● The voice coil former is made by aluminum alloy available to bear the high temperature.
    ● MDTTMcone design delivers detailed sound.
    ● Fast transmission of sound through the diaphragm means low energy storage. And the excellent diaphragm of tweeter can make high frequency extend up to 20kHz as well as sensitivity is over 92dB.
    ● Special hard anodizing process creates a ceramic surface for increased stiffness.

    3. With MLSTM(Magnetic Liquid Suspension):
    ● Voice coil is most efficiently cooled by fluid path rather than air.
    ● MLSTMeliminates conventional of “spider” for more accurate voice coil centering.
    ● The voice coil has ability to afford high power handling capability and bear high temperature.

  • Crossover

    When Polestar designs speakers we take many things into consideration. First we need to consider what the speaker will be used for. Next, we design the shape and the outward appearance of the speaker, as well as the box capacity.

    We also need to determine how many ways to use with the crossover. After these steps have been taken, we start to fine tune the crossover, meanwhile use computer as assistant equipment.

    The final step is human ears testing. This process is repeated many times and the speaker with the best sound is selected for our clients. All of the parts used in the assembly of our speakers were chosen for their excellent quality within specific tolerance in order to meet the expectations of our original design.