Polestar was established in 2002 in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

As a child, Polestar founder Jared Hsieh was already an audiophile. He would save up the weekly allowance he received from his parents so he could purchase LPs. During the 60s and 70s it became very common place for each household to be in possession of a stereo system and due to his affection for all things stereo related, Jared found a job in speaker retail. It is during this time that Jared was exposed to a variety of different speakers and where he also saw how some very ordinary sounding speakers were sold for extraordinary prices. He meet many a customer that burned with passion for music but was unable to purchase a system due to budgetary concerns.

“How am I to unite my fellow audiophiles with the equipment that they so desire?” Armed with this question and a background in electronics, Jared established the Polestar speaker brand in 2002. Working with the design philosophy of building a superior product within reasonable cost the first Vanguard Series speakers was launched and promptly embraced by the consumers.

In 2007 the Vanguard V-F1 dual 6.5” floor standing speakers won most advocated speaker in American Hifi media. The judges were not were aware of the pricing of the V-F1 during their decision making process and were shocked to learn after the fact that the retail price of the V-F1 was only $1000 USD. The Vanguard has been on the market for five years now and the line is currently in the third iteration with improvements in the crossover and other components.

Great care is taken in the design process of Polestar products with oversight on very step and an emphasis on our design philosophy of “best bang for the buck”. There are many storied speaker brands out there that are no long owned by the people who founded said brands. In many cases the principles set down by the founders have been lost and those brands have lost their way. They continue to produce new products but no great improvements have been made.


On the other hand, to the great benefit of the consumer, many brands have honed their craft and are now producing new innovations the likes of which could not have been imagined at their founding. Polestar is no different. We will continue to produce superior quality product at affordable prices so that all audiophiles may be able to enjoy the music they love with our superior Polestar sound.

Polestar currently offers products in the Hifi, home theatre, powered subwoofer, recessed and mounted speaker categories. Although ours is a new brand and our line up not overly large, all our products are the best bang for the buck. Our prices are not exorbitant due to our design philosophy and when paired with suitable amplifiers and other peripheral accessories the results will surely surprise you.

Polestar speakers are designed as either two and a half or three and a half way speakers. This design allows for a deeper and fuller bass effect. With our specially designed cross over, the two mid bass drivers suffer from less distortion and the mid-range performance is also improved. The specialty cross over is slightly more expensive but it is with the extra cost.

In this age of an impossible housing market every square foot is precious. Polestar products are not very large and will not create a large footprint in your living space but rest assured, the bass performance has not been sacrificed in favor of a smaller cabinet.

Polestar products have all been designed with the most advanced equipment available. But no sound testing equipment is the equivalent of the human ear. All our speakers have also been tuned to be pleasing to the human hearing range.